Public Transport Routes in Rawalpindi/Islamabad

27 Nov



Rawalpindi and Islamabad have a quite traditional yet efficient public transportation system. They include taxis, rikshaws, toyota vans and suzuki pickup vans. Many people say that it is inefficient but according to me, a poor person who can not afford self transportation can easily travel to any corner of Rawalpindi or Islamabad within a respectful time. They operate from fajr and end soon after maghrib.

Taxis are available in the entire city but basically they include different spots and they stand their from 7 in the morning to 9 in the evening.

Rikshaws are not available in most parts of the twin cities. In fact they have only one stand i.e. at Qasim Market, Rawalpindi.

Suzuki pick up vans are found in some parts of Rawalpindi and some parts of Islamabad. Actually they operate in relatively rural areas of the twin cities. In Islamabad Suzukis cover entire Margala Road and in Rawalpindi it is given below.

  • Murreer Chowk to GT Road via Chaklala Scheme 3. This covers the Kachehri Chowk, Jinnah Park, Ammar Chowk, Chaklala Scheme 3 market, Car Chowk and ends at G.T Road. [its a one way route]
  • Kachehri Chowk to Adiala Road and ends at Gorakh Pur
  • Murreer Chowk to Bohar Bazar

The wagon routes are abundant in the twin cities. They are as follows:-

  • 1-C Saddar Rawalpindi to Secretariat islamabad through Murree Road
  • 3 Raja Bazar to Bari Imam
  • 21 Kachehri Chowk Rawalpindi to Secretariat through Airport and then Zero Point
  • 24 Gorakhpur (Adiala Road) to Secretariat Islamabad through Chungi Number 22 and then I-9 and then I-10 and Shifa Hospital.
  • 101 Pirwadhai Bus Stand to Faisal Mosque through Faizabad
  • 104 Tamol to Secretariat Islamabad through Chungi Number 26.
  • 105 G-11 Markaz to Aab Para through Karachi Company
  • 110 Mandi Morh to Bhara Kahu through Khayaban
  • 111 Rawat to F-8 Markaz through Al Shifa H8
  • 1-B-A Mandi Morh to Secretariat through Blue Area
  • 120 Golra Sharif to Bari Imam through Sitara Market G7 Market
  • 121 Haji Camp to Faisal Mosque through Karachi Company
  • 121-A Mandi Morh to Faisal Mosque through Peshawar Morh
  • 124 Sehala to F8 Markaz through Airport Chowk.

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    Nice pic!

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